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Review of Tenderness, Platform Youth Theatre

While, as Alison Croggon rightly pointed out, there are significant stigmas surrounding the creation and production of youth theatre in Melbourne, there are also constant reminders of what a captivating scene that it can be when given the chance. Platform Youth Theatre’s Tenderness is a fantastic example; a bold and unashamedly dark exploration of youth issues, it effectively challenges the assumption that young people are not emotionally mature enough to take part in, or respond to, a theatrical and highly stylised representation of gritty material. Furthermore, Tenderness is not just theatre for “youths”; it is theatre showing adults how theatre can be done.

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Interview with Nadja Kostich, Tenderness

Nadja KostichPlatform Youth Theatre’s upcoming Tenderness is an oddity on the Australian stage, perhaps almost anachronistic. For starters, it is a double bill, consisting of two short plays, Ugly and Slut, running one after the other with no interval. It is showcasing new pieces by two of the country’s most respected writers, Christos Tsiolkas and Patricia Cornelius, in a theatre environment increasingly hostile towards Australian writing. I recently had a chat to director Nadja Kostich about the project, her interest in working within the youth theatre context and her collaborative approach to directing.

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