thoughts and frustrations on Melbourne theatre through bright young eyes

About Me

theatARGH is the child of frustration and boredom and love, born by me, Chris Summers. I’m a student at the University of Melbourne undertaking a Creative Arts / Law degree and an emerging playwright. Plays include Crossed, No Place Like, Rat and puncture/junction.

I enjoy reading 80s self-help books, op-shopping and attempting to purchase light globes which fit my IKEA lamps without having to return to IKEA.

I don’t really update this blog so much any more because of time pressures and also because I’m a practising playwright far more often than I was when I started it.

It’ll always stay as a record of my reviews. But it may not continue to be active.

To get in contact, see below.

Hit me up.

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  ivan sikic wrote @

hey chris…. had read about your blog in theatrespot sometime ago but finally got around to reading it today. really enjoyed it. have bookmarked it, and will be coming back often…. hope to see you pumping some more stuff out…. and reading thorugh some of the posts, i would encourage you not necessarily to write on your personal stuff, but to give your personal views on what theatre should be and where it should be headed…. that always makes for great reading.. especially from young and passionate theatremakers. all the best.

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