thoughts and frustrations on Melbourne theatre through bright young eyes

Slow death, new life.

I started theatARGH during the boring, sweltering summer of 2008. I had been writing lots about theatre – and not so much for theatre – the two years prior and had wanted somewhere to post my pontifications. I also wanted something that would force me to articulate my positions on shows, and their relationship with the theatre industry, with structure and precision. I wanted other people to read and comment and participate in debate. Hence theatARGH was born!

Sadly, as time has gone by, I haven’t had the same passion or dedication to writing about theatre. I’ve decided I’d rather write for it. My playwriting practice has taken precedence.

And so comes the time to take my pet theatARGH to the vet for a long, long sleep.

There won’t be any new reviews on theatARGH from this point forward. The old ones will certainly stay, though. If only for me to laugh at in the future (read: tomorrow) when I consider what a precocious little twat I was / am / can be. Some of them are interesting pieces of writing, I guess. They certainly make points that I still believe in. But lots are just uninspired drivel. Being a ‘critic’ is a hat I am genuinely interested in wearing at some point, but not at the moment. Not at this point in my artistic education. And especially not when things are starting to happen with my existing plays and new plays, and the people I am reviewing are starting to become my peers. For the sake of sanity, professionalism and transparency, it’s best I leave this theatARGH thing in the time and place that it was.

I love blogging, but I love tweeting more. I’ll occasionally tweet about shows that I’ve seen and what I thought of them – please follow me @christopherrrrr or I might return to blogging at some point in the near future, but it will probably be a more creative blog about personal process than a strictly ‘review’ blog. As long as I have an internet addiction, I can promise that I’ll be digitally around.

So that’s it for now, folks. Thanks so much for reading for the last three years, regardless of how erratic I’ve been. It’s been a pleasure seeing your shows and writing about them. I hope you’re seeing my shows soon. And reviewing me.

Lots of calm, placid love (not an ARGH in sight),

Chris x.

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