thoughts and frustrations on Melbourne theatre through bright young eyes


Some people think that it’s terribly self-indulgent to start up a blog; that by publishing your views on the internet, you believe they are worthy of some precedence or authority above their own. I don’t especially blame them. The internet really is brimming with blogs of pointless diatribes about boyfriends and bourgeois burdens. I’m part of the MSN Messenger / Myspace / Facebook generation and I’m sick to death of it too. However, this blog has a purpose. It’s not about me and how much my lyf sux!111 (lolz) – we all have issues, right? Rather, it’s an exploration of one of my passions. Theatre. In particular, Melbourne theatre. And what’s going so very wrong with it (as well as what’s going right).

I’m a student, a writer, a theatre critic and a theatre practitioner. I’m also only 19. While there are a number of blogs already dedicated to Melbourne theatre, I feel that there is a real lack of youth perspectives, especially at a time when young people are deserting theatre in droves. This blog will be my voice. There will be reviews, musings as well as interviews and rants. It will be provocative towards the self-congratulatory culture of some of Melbourne’s theatre institutions, and will be unafraid to be brutal or blunt in the face of stale, overpriced and over-budget theatre. The same brutality and bluntness will be reserved for any production which needs a swift kick to the groin and push down the stairs. But this blog will equally endeavour to be informative, and a voice for all young and emerging theatre artists and writers – if you are one, I want to hear from you.

Theatre is a lifeform. It is constantly growing and evolving in ways that we often do not appreciate, while at the same time, it can appear depressingly stagnant. The agenda of this blog is to encourage people, particularly young people, to go out and embrace what I perceive are the most exciting things that Melbourne theatre has to offer. Whether that be a one-week season in a warehouse during the Fringe or the latest at MTC. The ARGH in theatARGH is about frustration, and the reason I feel frustrated is because I care about theatre, and the future of it in Melbourne and Australia, so much. I really do.


– Chris


  Tobi Manderson-Galvin wrote @

Pirate theatre blog! Arrgh!
Good work lad.

  Paul T wrote @

make it a good one, yeah consistancy is good few have really good consistant blogs with relevant info, they’re always mixing it with personal stuff, Croggan’s looks like its going down a similar path eh.

Good luck man

  theatargh wrote @

Thanks Paul. And Tobi. Yeah, I mean this is very much going to be information and opinion based. You won’t be hearing about projects that I am involved in or how my writing is going etc. The thing about Alison Croggon’s blog is that she is a well-renowned writer, creative worker and theatre personality in Melbourne, so when her blog becomes more personal, there’s more credibility and experience attached and there are people who are genuinely interested. But who’s to say where you draw the line between a personal and a more broadly cultural blog? It’s a tricky balancing act though – one I will certainly be attempting to avoid.

  Alexander wrote @

fantastic news! shall be keen to see what comes of it.

  Alison Croggon wrote @

Heh. And there I was, going to talk about you… Imho, blogs are whatever you make them. And let’s face it, a lot of their charm is their “personality”, fictional or otherwise. For me as reader, anyway.

Welcome to blogland, Chris: it’s fantastic to see a blog focusing on youth theatre – as you rightly say, a much neglected area. All power to your arm!

  Andre wrote @

i was distraced for ten minutes by you link to the tickle me emo…

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